Who is Liable For Abuse at a Nursing Home?

As attorneys for nursing home abuse victims, we at Goldman Daszkal love to see our clients get the compensation they deserve. These can be legally complex cases, beginning with finding the liable party. In many cases, multiple parties can be held legally liable for abuse at a nursing home. Here are some of the potentially responsible parties:

Nursing home facility: The nursing home itself can be liable for abuse if it fails to meet its duty of care to residents. This includes providing a safe and secure environment, properly hiring and training staff, and implementing appropriate policies and procedures to prevent abuse.

Staff members: Employees who engage in abusive behavior can be held personally liable for their actions. This includes nurses, caregivers, administrators, and other employees who directly cause harm or fail to prevent abuse.

Management and supervisory personnel: Managers and supervisors can be held liable if they were aware of abusive behavior or failed to take appropriate action to prevent or address abuse when it was reported or discovered.

Third-party contractors: If a nursing home contracts with third-party service providers, such as a security company or a healthcare agency, those contractors may also be held liable for abuse committed by their employees.

Medical professionals: If the abuse involves medical treatment or medication administration, medical professionals such as doctors or nurses who are not directly employed by the nursing home may also bear liability for their actions.

If you suspect abuse or have concerns about the liability of a nursing home, our compassionate, expert attorneys are here to help. Contact Goldman Daszkal today.