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We take pride in offering personal service to each of our clients, treating every client with individual care and attention. Our clients come to us at the most difficult time in their lives, after an accident or other event has caused injuries that have changed their lives for the worse. Without the ability to live or work at the capacity they previously enjoyed, our clients need dedicated and caring advocates. We can help you get the relief you need to start living your life again after a serious injury.

We handle cases involving injuries caused by accidents, negligence, and failures to follow duties of care established by law. A person can be held liable for damages to an injured person if they had some duty to take reasonable precautions to prevent harm, and they breached that duty in a way that causes damage. This may include the duty to safely operate a vehicle or to maintain a safe environment for visitors to a business or home. Businesses that create goods to sell to the public must test their products for defects or dangerous conditions. Professionals in the pharmacy industry, including pharmacists and technicians, have a particular duty to accurately fill prescriptions. Nursing homes and similar businesses have a duty to provide shelter and support for their residents.

Breaches of these duties can lead to liability for damages. A person may commit a breach by driving recklessly and causing an accident. A property owner might breach his or her duty of care by failing to fix a condition on their property that they know might cause injury to a visitor or customer. A company that produces goods can breach its duty by failing to test for certain defects in one or more of their products. A pharmacist breaches his or her duty of care by making errors in filling a prescription such as giving an incorrect medicine or the wrong dosage. Nursing homes have a particularly broad duty of care, since their residents depend on them for nearly all support. Breaches by a nursing home can range from basic neglect of a resident’s care to outright abuse by nursing home staff.

If a breach causes harm to someone, that person has a claim against the person who committed the breach for any injuries incurred. Damages include the cost of medical care to treat injuries, lost wages for work missed because of injuries and other consequences of the breach, and compensation for the injured person’s pain and suffering. If a person dies as a result of an accident or injury, the person’s family may recover damages for wrongful death. If a breach of a duty of care is particularly blatant, an injured person might recover punitive damages, and amount added to total damages as a punishment for such an egregious breach.

The firm began in 1990, and it has pursued the rights of injured people in Palm Beach, Broward and throughout the State of Florida. We have helped countless people recover the damages they need to cover medical expenses, pay bills, take care of their families, and get back to work.

We will evaluate the facts and circumstances of your injuries, evaluate how you have been harmed, and determine how best to recover the maximum possible damages for you. We treat each and every client’s case with a high level of dedication. Each client and each case is unique and requires close attention and care. Our lawyers will guide you through each step of the process and help with any questions you have. We will help you recover not only a sum of money for your injuries, but also a way forward for your life.

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