Truck Accidents Attorney in Palm Beach

With Interstate 95 and U.S. Highway 1 running right through Palm Beach, there are many big trucks on the road. These trucks are necessary, as they carry everything from food and produce to fuel, retail merchandise and more. Because of their size, though, these big trucks can cause severe injures and damage if you are involved in a wreck with one. If you are injured in a truck accident, you should contact the Goldman & Daszkal truck accident attorneys in Palm Beach. We will get to work immediately to get the compensation you deserve.

truck accident attorneys palm beach

What to do after a truck accident

After an accident, call your Palm Beach truck accident lawyer. Here are a few things to do immediately after the accident and some things to keep in mind to strengthen your case.  

  1. Call law enforcement: Call 9-1-1 and report the accident. They will ask questions to determine how many law enforcement and emergency medical units to send. Police will create an accident report, which is crucial to your claim.
  2. Get Medical Attention: If you or anyone else has serious or life-threatening injuries, get medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, get checked by medical personnel. If you do not, the insurance company might say you were not injured as badly as you claim.
  3. Take Pictures: Take photos and video of the entire accident scene, the position of all vehicles involved, your injuries, all vehicle damage, and anything else that imght show what happened.
  4. Exchange Information: Give your information to other drivers and get their information, including names, addresses, contact information, drivers license numbers, license plate numbers, and auto insurance information. Get the truck driver’s employer’s name, phone number, and address.
  5. Talk to Witnesses: If there are bystanders or other drivers saw what happened, get their contact information. Law enforcement will take their statements at the scene and your commercial truck accident attorney will contact them to get their statements.
  6. Be Careful What You Say: Never apologize or act as if any part of the accident is your fault. Discuss fault or liability only with your lawyer. Do not say or post anything publicly until you speak with an experienced attorney. Even something as small as saying “I’ll be okay!” online could be bad for your case.
  7. Get Your Vehicle Appraised: Do not get work done on your vehicle until you’ve cleared things with your insurance company and had the damage appraised.
  8. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders and Keep Follow-up Appointments: This will ensure you’re healing as quickly as possible and that the insurance company sees why you need compensation for your medical costs.
truck accident attorneys palm beach

Why seek compensation after a truck accident?

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you now have medical bills you didn’t anticipate or incur. You also have a damaged or totaled vehicle, not to mention damage to anything you might have had in the vehicle. You should not have to pay for any of this since it wasn’t your fault. Your Palm Beach truck accident attorney will seek maximum compensation for medical bills (current and future), lost wages (current and future), property damage, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and more.

Case Results


Broken Hip
Pedestrian Parking Lot Accident


Hit & Run
fractured skull, multiple broken bones & brain injury


Auto Accident
Wrongful Death


Slip & Fall
Heel Fracture with Surgery


Auto Accident
Multiple Injuries-Leg Trauma / Mobility Issues


Nursing Home Neglect
Wrongful Death


Auto Accident
Internal Injuries / Wrongful Death


Auto Accident
Confidentiality Agreement


Product Liability
Crash Injury

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

Contact a dedicated Palm Beach truck accident lawyer at Goldman & Daszkal today for a free consultation. Our experts know how to calculate the full value of your claim to ensure you get the full compensation you need and deserve. We will represent you and negotiate with the insurance companies so you don’t have to. If your case goes to court, we provide expert legal representation in there, too. Contact us today so we can discuss your case.