How You Can Help Your Attorney in Your Brain Injury Claim

Your brain injury claim is in good hands with the expert attorneys at Goldman Daszkal. Ensuring that you win your claim and get the most compensation possible, however, requires some help from you, the client. Here are some things you can do to help your attorney prepare your case.

Organize documents and evidence: Your attorney will keep track of most things related to your case, but it helps if you keep up with the documents that come directly to you, such as medical bills, doctor’s notes and letters from the insurance company. That way, you can give copies to your lawyers or refer to them when you have questions.

Keep a journal: At a trial or during an interview with insurance adjusters, you might be asked how the injury has affected your daily life. By keeping a daily journal of pain levels, your emotional state, doctors you see and any major changes to your lifestyle (canceling plans, taking more breaks, requiring help with ordinary tasks), you can prove the injury’s effects on your life.

Understand your legal rights: Insurance companies will want your official statement as soon as possible, but you have the right to have an attorney represent you. Remember that the insurance company just wants to get rid of your case as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Your attorney wants to ensure you receive the most compensation possible to cover medical costs, lost wages, damaged property and more.

Create talking points for yourself: No doubt you have lots of questions for your doctors, attorneys and insurance companies. Be sure to get all of the information you need by writing down talking points before seeing your doctor, attorney or anyone else involved in your case.

You have hired an attorney to handle your brain or spine injury, so make the most of the situation and help your lawyer ensure the success of your case. Goldman Daszkal has attorneys who specialize in traumatic brain injury and spinal injury cases. They are the best in the business at what they do, but the client’s help is always essential.