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Drunk driving kills and injures thousands of innocent people every year. One minute, you’re driving along, following traffic laws, and the next you’re being loaded into an ambulance because someone chose to drink and drive. You do not have to suffer alone and watch the bills pile up. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, contact a Goldman & Daszkal drunk driver lawyer in Miami. Our law firm has extensive experience getting compensation for victims of drunk drivers


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Why you deserve compensation

Drunk driving accidents are 100 percent preventable. If someone drives a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are acting negligently and illegally. These accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, from broken bones and internal injuries to paralysis or death. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed by a drunk driver, a DUI attorney in Miami at Goldman & Daszkal will get you maximum compensation. You deserve compensation to pay for medical expenses (now and in the future), lost wages (now and in the future), pain and suffering, property damage, and emotional distress. None of these expenses are your fault, so you should not have to pay them.

What a DUI lawyer in Miami does

When you contact your DUI lawyer in Miami, we immediately go to work for you. We will thoroughly investigate your accident and gather proof that the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your drunk driver attorney will determine the value of your case and file claims with the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance companies, of course, love to deny claims or pay the lowest settlement possible, but Goldman & Daszkal won’t settle! We will fight for maximum compensation. If we have to take your claim to court, that’s fine. We are experienced trial lawyers who know how the court system works.

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Civil claim vs. criminal charges

It’s important to note that your claim has no bearing on possible criminal charges of the responsible driver. The other driver could have been charged with Driving Under the Influence and other crimes. If the accident resulted in death, they could be charged with Vehicular Manslaughter or similar charges. Whether they are found guilty or not has nothing to do with your claim for compensation.



Case Results


Broken Hip
Pedestrian Parking Lot Accident


Hit & Run
fractured skull, multiple broken bones & brain injury


Auto Accident
Wrongful Death


Slip & Fall
Heel Fracture with Surgery


Auto Accident
Multiple Injuries-Leg Trauma / Mobility Issues


Nursing Home Neglect
Wrongful Death


Auto Accident
Internal Injuries / Wrongful Death


Auto Accident
Confidentiality Agreement


Product Liability
Crash Injury

Get a free consultation

When you contact the best DUI lawyer in Miami at Goldman & Daszkal, your consultation is free. We want to hear about your claim and show how we can help. If we take your case, we will go to work immediately to get the compensation you deserve.