Do I Need an Insurance Attorney?

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. After all, they are interested in protecting their bottom line and making as much profit as possible. They do not want to pay any more in claims than necessary. Sometimes, you need an attorney to get the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies. Goldman Daszkal are experienced attorneys who have recovered millions of dollars from insurance companies for our clients.

Here’s why you need an insurance attorney

You’ve faithfully paid your home insurance bill every month for as long as you can remember. One day, a burst pipe leads to flooding and water damage, so you file an insurance claim to pay for repairs. That you have insurance for, right? The insurance company offers you a tiny payout, not enough to cover basic repairs. Even worse, the insurance company you pay every month denies your claim.

You were driving to work, minding your own business, obeying the speed limit and other driving laws. Suddenly, a driver paying more attention to his cellphone that the road slams into you. You lose time at work and medical bills are piling up. You’re in pain and have nightmares, so you file a personal injury claim to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. The other driver’s insurance offers you a small settlement or denies your claim altogether.

You are the beneficiary for your spouse’s life insurance. Sadly, he died from an illness. You are relying on the life insurance payout to cover funeral costs, medical bills and more, but the insurance company isn’t paying.

These are all scenarios in which you could benefit from having an attorney attorney in your corner to handle your insurance claim.

Get the compensation you deserve

Goldman Daszkal knows thatnegotiating claims with insurance companies can be a difficult and tedious process. We also know that they deny claims or offer small settlements to protect their profits. Insurance companies just want to make the most money and keep you paying your monthly bills. When insurance companies get a call from Goldman Daszkal, though, they know we mean business.

To get the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies, contact Goldman Daszkal today. Our experienced attorneys will fight for you every step of the way.