Common dangers that lead to construction accidents

Millions of people across the U.S. work at construction sites every day. Although they are careful and wear protective gear, accidents sometimes happen that lead to injury or death. If you have been injured at a construction site, Goldman Daszkal can help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve. We hope you are never injured, so here are some pointers to help you avoid construction site injury. 


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says falls account for the majority of fatalities in the construction industry each year. Ladder falls account for a large number of those. Falls from construction ladders happen when:

  • The wrong type of ladder is used for a task
  • Workers are improperly trained on ladder safety
  • A ladder is structurally damaged, including broken or missing rungs, steps or cleats, split or bent side rails and missing or damaged safety devices
  • A ladder is used beyond its maximum intended load
  • A metallic ladder is used for electrical work or near power lines
  • Rung contaminants cause ladder slips that lead to a loss of balance

Struck-by accidents

Construction struck-by incidents that involve vehicles or machinery occur when:

  • A worker is pinned between construction vehicles and walls.
  • A worker is struck by a swinging backhoe.
  • A worker is crushed beneath an overturned vehicle.
  • A worker is struck by trucks or cars on the job site.

Other struck-by incidents occur with falling objects. Workers are at risk for a falling object incident when working beneath cranes, scaffolds, or anywhere overhead work is being performed. 

Excessive noise

Hearing loss might not immediately come to mind when you think of construction injuries, but it is a common one. OSHA says that regular, eight-hour exposure to noise levels more than 85 decibels can cause hearing damage over time. Noises that reach 100 decibels can cause hearing loss with one hour of exposure each day. Here are some common noises on a construction site:

  • Backhoe: 85 decibels
  • Belt sander: 90 decibels
  • Forklift: 93 decibels
  • Nail gun: 97 decibels
  • Bulldozer: 100 decibels
  • Jackhammer: 102 decibels
  • Chain saw: 110 decibels

Other dangers

There are, of course, many other dangers in a construction site that can lead to serious injury or death, including:

  • Electrical injury
  • Slip and fall
  • Burns
  • Material handling
  • And more

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