Road Trip Tips – Planning Ahead

According to AAA, over 50 million people plan to take family road trips in 2019.[1]  A large percentage of these families expect to travel this summer. 

Are you traveling this summer?  With the expectation of busy roads and packed attractions, planning ahead will make your summer road trip much smoother!  Follow these tips to get you prepared and ready before your summer travels!

Know the Way!

Make sure you know the route!  Use a GPS or easy, printed directions to guide you along the way.  As a backup in case your GPS is out of the service range or you lose connection, it is always wise to keep an atlas in your vehicle.

Plan for Stops

As you plan your route, consider traffic in and around large cities as well as rush hour traffic.  Determine good places to stop every 2-3 hours along the route.

Schedule a Pre-Trip Check-Up

Keep your vehicle maintenance up-to-date and keep emergency roadside assistance contact information easily available.  Take your vehicle to the dealer or a trusted mechanic to get a full check-up at least a week or two before your departure.  If anything needs to be fixed or special parts need to be ordered, make sure to allow time prior to your departure date.

Have a Go-to Solution for Sleepiness at the Wheel

Arrange your schedule so that you have energy and stamina when you’re driving, especially for long haul days.  Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  If you’re feeling tired at the wheel, plan to follow one or more of these options:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.  You may have to stop more frequently for bathroom breaks, but you’ll stay alert at the wheel.
  • Keep healthy snacks in the car that are easy to eat while driving.  Nuts are a great choice.
  • Plan several stops each day to refuel, use a bathroom, or eat a meal.  Each time you stop, take a short walk, stretch, and get the blood flowing.
  • Load your phone or other device with lots of great options.  Listen to podcasts, streaming music, or books on tape to keep you entertained and alert.
  • Alter your position and sit up straight.
  • Since peppermint helps increase alertness, keep mint gum or candies handy when driving.
  • If all else fails, find a safe place to pull over and take a snooze. 

What else should you do to plan ahead?

Stay Charged

Keep a cellphone and charger in the vehicle and ensure the cellphone is always charged in case of an emergency.  If you’re renting a car, be sure to check the charging outlets and bring the proper cords or adapters.

Stay Organized

Keep the vehicle organized.  Start with a clean car!  Kids eating and playing in the car will generate clutter and garbage.  At each stop, take a few minutes for everyone to put away toys, books, food wrappers, etc.  Consider keeping kids’ toys in activity bags so they can access what they want, when they want, and put items back into the bag when they’re finished using them.

Leave Prepared

Keep your updated vehicle insurance and registration documents organized in your glove compartment.  Be sure to deal with any outstanding traffic or parking tickets before the road trip.  You won’t want any surprises if you’re pulled over!

For more important tips about road trips and preparing your vehicle or a rental, click here. (Include print option and all social media buttons here.)

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