Police Officers in Boca Raton Lift Car to Save Child

School pick-up/drop-off and carpool areas can be especially dangerous for children and parents who do not pay attention to oncoming traffic. The Palm Beach County injury attorneys from the Law Offices of Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. would like to recommend that you assist your children in safely exiting and entering your vehicle before and after school. This can avoid the unfortunate circumstances which unassuming drivers and children may present. Another way of avoiding these unfortunate accidents is to have your children exit and enter your car from the side opposite of traffic, thereby avoiding their need to step in front of oncoming traffic. If there is an available sidewalk, then having your child(ren) exit and enter your car from that side is also preferable. http://www.youtube.com/embed/Jv_8FzUImk4?rel=0

In their heroic effort to save an endangered child, Boca Raton Police Officers were successful in lifting a car and pulling out the child that was pinned underneath.
According to various news sources, the 6 year old boy tripped and fell in front of an oncoming car and was run over. The boy was taken to Delray Medical Center for his punctured lung, and to have his ear surgically reattached.