Pain or Injury After a Car Accident – ER Vs. Staying at the Scene

Two vehicles collided in the middle of a wet intersection during a South Florida afternoon downpour.  Fortunately, paramedics and police were on the scene in minutes.  Although the drivers of the two vehicles were shaken up and in pain after the collision, only the driver of the blue car agreed to be taken in the ambulance to the Emergency Room.  Although she felt pain as a result of the sudden impact, the driver of the red car was too concerned about leaving her vehicle and the scene of the accident to go to the hospital. 

What should one do in this situation?

If you or a loved one is in pain or has sustained an injury as a result of an accident, it is best to get medical treatment promptly.  Going to the ER or Walk-in/Urgent care facility will allow a medical team to assess the severity of your condition, and determine what, if any, medical attention is required.  If your injury is not life threatening, you will be assessed, treated and discharged.

While it may seem logical to stay at the scene and ignore the pain, whatever pain you are experiencing now could deteriorate and become a more serious or life-threatening injury. 

However, a decision to visit the ER or Urgent Care promptly after suffering an injury or pain in an accident not only will ensure you get the proper medical care, but it will help provide important documentation about your injury for any potential claim. If you hold off getting medical care for too long, insurance companies might assume that you weren’t injured or that your injuries were not the result of the vehicle collision.

Once you arrive at the hospital or Urgent Care, review any paperwork you are requested to sign.  If you are still shaken up and having difficulty concentrating, let the medical staff know and contact a loved one to assist you at the hospital.  Most importantly, tell the medical staff that you were in a motor vehicle accident and explain what happened and all your symptoms.  Don’t be embarrassed!  It’s crucial that the medical staff have all the information so they can do a thorough and proper assessment of your injuries.

With adrenaline pumping through your body and so much on your mind, brain and soft tissue injuries may not be apparent for a few days.  Tell the medical staff if your head or other body part received a strong jolt, even if you don’t notice a bruise yet. 

Next, contact one of the attorneys here at Goldman and Daszkal. Your attorney will guide you on how to manage any phone calls from insurance companies and what to do next. 

In the meantime, follow these important tips:

  • Seek medical treatment and follow your physician’s recommendations
  • Keep a daily journal of any injuries or pain
  • Maintain records of all appointments, prescriptions, and therapy required as a result of the accident
  • Keep all receipts related to medical or treatment purchases

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