National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM), a national campaign designed to help Americans prepare and plan for the future.  Organized by U.S. Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month focuses on reminding people that disasters can happen and they need to prepare now.  Check out this helpful 15-second NPM video now! This one is also worth watching!

Last year, hurricanes and wildfires hit our nation, destroying homes and leaving havoc in its wake.  This month of September, U.S. Homeland Security wants all of us to take action and be prepared before the hurricanes, wildfires and storms.

During September, National Preparedness Month dedicates each week to a different theme to help Americans get prepared.

Week 1: Sept 1-8                  Make and Practice Your Plan

Week 2: Sept 9-15*               Learn Life Saving Skills

Week 3: Sept 16-22               Check Your Insurance Coverage

Week 4: Sept 23-29               Save For an Emergency

*September 15 is a National Day of Action

In the first week of September, #PrepareNow and make an emergency plan, sign up for local alerts, create an evacuation plan for you and your family, and practice your plan.  A few of the key questions you need to answer in your plan are the following:

  • How will we be notified of emergencies?
  • How will you communicate with your loved ones?
  • Where can we seek shelter or where would we go if we need to evacuate?

If you’re not sure where to start, click here for a more detailed guide.

In week 2, learn critical lifesaving skills such as CPR and first aid so that you can respond in the case of an emergency.  Determine how to turn off utilities including water and natural gas.  Ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed and functioning.  Click here for more details on home safety.  Also, join a community event on September 15th and take a class or volunteer to help prepare others.

In the third week, review your insurance policies and document your property.  For more info, visit this FEMA resource.   If you need flood insurance, visit FEMA’s website, and be #FloodSmart. 

Week 4 is the time to consider financial planning and costs that may be necessary for emergencies.  Keep an emergency savings and fill out a FEMA Emergency Financial First Aid Kit here.  Additionally, keep cash on hand for emergencies.

If you take time now to prepare for potential emergencies, you and your family will be in much better shape to weather any storm.

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