National Child Passenger Safety Week (September 15-21)

Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children in the United States.  According to studies from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), every 32 seconds a child passenger was involved in a vehicle crash in 2017.[1]  Regrettably, these accidents resulted in an average of two children under 13 killed in vehicle crashes every day during that year.[2]  Sadly, over 33% of the children killed in these crashes were not using the proper safety seat belts, booster seats, or car seats. 

Coinciding with “Back to School”, September 15-21, 2019 is Child Passenger Safety Week.  NHTSA sponsors this important national campaign aimed at teaching parents and caregivers how to protect children by choosing the correct car seat and installing it properly. 

Proper use of car seats, boosters, and safety belts is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the risk of injury or death in a vehicle crash.  In fact, proper installation of car seats can reduce fatalities by over 70% for infants and over 50% for toddlers.[3]

But did you know that almost half of the car seats installed in the United States are improperly installed?

You can ensure that your car seats are installed properly by visiting a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  Many local police and fire stations offer free car seat inspections on certain days of the year.  National Seat Check is Saturday, September 21, 2019.  Click here to find an inspection location in your area.

The NHTSA reminds all parents, grandparents, and caregivers to carefully follow car seat instructions and consult the vehicle owner manual before installing a car seat or booster seat. 

Follow these vital tips for vehicle travel with children:

  • Don’t forget that children under 13 should always ride in the back.
  • Keep in mind that tethers should always be used for forward-facing car seats.
  • Do not move the vehicle until the driver and every passenger is safely buckled in.
  • Register your car seat online so that the manufacturer can contact you directly in case there are any problems with the model you purchased. [4]


For more details on selecting the right car seat or booster seat and tips on installation, visit the NHTSA site here. Checkout our previous post on Passenger Safety.  

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