I-95/Turnpike Highway: Driving Safely Through Construction Zones

Each year, approximately 800 fatalities are linked to vehicle crashes in work or construction safety zones on highways throughout the country. [1]  Florida has the second highest number of work zone fatalities in the country.   

Work / Construction Safety Zones

Work safety zones may include roadway construction, roadwork, lane closures, detours, or any combination of the above.   Work safety zones may include a small area of several feet or extend to several miles, and road construction work in much of the country takes place in summer or fall, when the climate is best for outdoor work. 

While work safety zones are indicated by clear orange signage, drivers don’t always take the necessary precaution to slow down and drive with caution.  Each year, over 100 road construction workers are hit and killed by drivers of motor vehicles.  And, with higher speed limits and more traffic across the country, this alarming statistic is expected to increase in the short-term.  Consequently, it is imperative that drivers slow down and use patience when entering Work Safety Zones.

Safety in Work Zones

Keep your loved ones, yourself, and work zone employees safe by following these instructions:

  • Before leaving home, check road apps to find out where there is road work. Either find a different route or expect delays and leave earlier than usual. 
  • Stay alert and focus on driving.
  • As you approach a work zone, stay alert for workers in bright vests as well as orange signs, cones, flags, and barrels.
  • If possible, move into lane furthest from the work zone.
  • Watch for brake lights and traffic around you. Merge when indicated.
  • Even if you don’t see workers or they are not present, slow down as you approach a work zone.
  • Read and follow signs, flags, or individuals directing traffic at Work Zones
  • Stay away from cones, tubes, drums and other barriers designed to separate work zones. Obey all signs and reduce speed as indicated.
  • Continue following work zone instructions and speed limits until you’ve exited the area completely and passed the “End Road Work” sign.

Failure to slow down and follow instructions near work safety zones may result in heavy fines and other serious repercussions.

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[1] Work Zone Safety https://www.workzonesafety.org/crash-information/work-zone-fatal-crashes-fatalities/#national