Goldman and Daszkal COVID-19 Update

The Personal Injury Law Firm of Goldman and Daszkal, hopes everyone remains safe and healthy during these difficult times and strongly encourages everyone to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the federal, state and local governments. 

At this time we remain committed to our clients and our office remains open.  We will be able to continue working remotely should anything change, and do not anticipate any interruption in our ability to continue managing cases in a timely manner. 

We are requesting that all communication be performed electronically or telephonically when at all possible in order to adhere to the recommendations set forth by our government.  We do not anticipate any impact on our ability to communicate with clients, insurance carriers, or other parties timely and efficiently.  However, should any issues arise that might delay any particular case, we will notify any client who might be affected. 

The Law Firm of Goldman and Daszkal,  appreciates all of the hard work being done by first responders, medical personnel, government leaders, and others who continue to put themselves at risk and sincerely hope that this crisis passes quickly.