Digital License Plates — Coming Soon?

Although at first glance they might not appear different from any other black and white license plates, the new high-tech digital license plates rolling out in select states have plenty of special features. 

Michigan has just joined Arizona and California with the introduction of digital license plates.   And, since Florida and Texas have passed initial legislation related to this modern twist on regular license plates, we’ve heard chatter indicating these digital license plates will be coming soon. 

Digital license plates, also known as Rplates, use a display technology similar to e-reader devices, with a white background and black letters or the reverse.  Rplates are designed to have minimal glare and use a triple encryption system to prevent hackers from getting into the system.

What are the advantages of Rplates?

  • Owners will be able to renew license registration digitally, eliminating the visit and wait at Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations. 
  • Owners can select custom designs and can even choose to display advertisements on their license plates when parked. 
  • Rplate technology can allow for the display of Amber Alerts and weather alerts.
  • If a vehicle is stolen, an alert can be displayed on the Rplate of the vehicle, notifying anyone driving by.

So, what’s the downside? 

  • The cost of typical Rplates hovers around $700 with an additional small monthly fee.
  • Failing to renew on a timely basis can result in an “X” on the digital plate, making it easy for patrol vehicles to find you.
  • Despite the triple encryption technology, there are still concerns over security and individuals hacking into the digital license plate systems.
  • Vehicles displaying messages on roads and highways could add to driver distraction.

While there are no specific details on the timing, keep your eyes open for more information on digital license plates in Florida.


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