Black Friday: What You Need to Know Before Leaving Home

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While Black Friday is all about deep discounts, door buster deals, and finding the best discounts,  it’s also a prime time for criminals to be on the prowl.  In addition, large crowds rushing into stores and through the aisles create potentially dangerous environments ripe for accidents.

To keep you, your family members, and friends safe, we urge you to buy into these important safety tips!

Black Friday:  What You Need to Know Before Leaving Home

Before You Go

  • Identity theft and fraud peak in November and December each year. Leave social security numbers and any other unneeded credit cards at home.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash – don’t be a target.
  • Create a planned meeting place in case you get separated from your children or those with whom you are shopping. Remind children to ask for help from security guards or store personnel. Better yet, leave your children at home with a trusted adult.
  • Do not rush! Stay safe and keep others safe too by being aware of your surroundings, slowing down, and planning your store visit.  Be careful and always be considerate of others.
  • Buckle up in the car and follow all traffic laws. Be patient.
  • Do not park in handicapped parking spots unless you have the appropriate parking permit in your name.

At the Store

  • With so many people trying to grab the deeply discounted items, be very aware of boxes or merchandise potentially falling from shelves.
  • People rummaging through aisles can leave boxes or merchandise on the floor. Be aware and walk with care to avoid potential slip and fall accidents.  Report any problems to store management immediately.
  • Reduce the opportunity for criminals to view your account information over your shoulder by guarding your credit card until the moment you pay.
  • If you notice an unattended package or witness individuals exhibiting unusual behavior, tell a store employee or security guard immediately.

Heading to Your Car

  • Keep your purse close to your body or your wallet in your front pocket to avoid becoming a victim to pickpocketers.
  • Stay off your cell phone and keep your keys out as you approach your car. Follow good safety guidelines by stopping, listening and looking around.  Be sure to check around and under the car and in the back seat before opening the vehicle door.
  • With heavy traffic and thieves around stores, be sure to have a friend, relative, or store employee assist you with anything more than you can reasonably carry.
  • Carefully store your purchases in your vehicle trunk or in your home before heading out to the next Black Friday destination.

Partially adapted from The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).  For more information, visit

Following these guidelines will help you enjoy the fun and excitement of November’s Black Friday while keeping you and your loved ones safe!

However, if you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of an auto accident on the way to the store, a slip and fall accident in the store, or have been injured on the premises due to inadequate care or security, consult with an attorney right away.  Store owners and management are responsible for  keeping their premises free of hazardous conditions or to warn you about any existing hazards if they are unable to remove them.

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