Summer Music Festival Safety – Top 4 Tips


Have you heard of Coachella?  How about Ultra or Tortuga?

We’re talking MUSIC FESTIVALS!

In addition to the beach, warm weather, and boating, music plays a huge role in summer activities — from local bands drumming up interest at bars to summer concerts and legendary music festivals.   There is little that compares to the fun and excitement of your favorite musicians at a summer music festival.

Whether you, your son or daughter, or a close friend is planning to attend a music festival such as Bonnaroo, Electric Forrest, Lollapalooza, Wakarusa, or Pemberton, we want you or your music fans to  have a fun and safe experience.

The fun will be easy!  The safety just takes some planning and common sense.  Read on for important tips that every music festival attendee and parent should know about.

Music Festival Safety

Music event producers typically review festival safety and security, looking at everything from car and pedestrian traffic to potential drug and alcohol use.  Planning, which often begins many months before the event, involves local law enforcement, event producers and emergency management agencies.

But despite the early planning, many issues at music festivals still remain a challenge for music festival producers and local officials.  Alcohol and drugs are perennial issues affecting the music scene.  Non-consensual sexual activity is another issue given the number of inebriated music festival – goers.  Petty theft is a minor problem.  And dehydration is a common challenge, especially with the prevalence of alcoholic drinks during these hot, summer days.

If you, a family member, or a friend is attending a music concert or festival, take note of these important tips to stay safe and healthy while listening to music and having fun!

Top 4 Music Festival Safety Tips

1.         Ditch Dehydration — Dehydration is your enemy when drinking alcohol and spending time in the sun.  Follow these tips to avoid it.

  • Drink water and lots of it.  Most festivals offer free water at stations throughout the venue.
  • Avoid intense outdoor activity during the hottest time of day (10am – 2pm).  Instead, find some shade and rest.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored layers so you can stay comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses.

2.         Go with a Group — Go to a music festival with other friends and watch out for each other.

  • Find a “festival buddy” – someone you can trust to always watch out for you.
  • Check out the festival info online and understand the location layout.  Find a designated place to meet friends in case you get split up.
  • Prepare an exit strategy in case of an emergency.
  • Be aware of individuals looking for vulnerable/inebriated women.
  • Report any suspicious persons to a member of security at the event or to the Camp Site Assistance Team.
  • Figure out where to charge your cellphone.  Most festivals have recharging areas.

3.         Think When you Drink – Moderate your alcohol consumption to avoid getting into a vulnerable situation.

  • Stay within the recommended limits and keep a count of what you are drinking.
  • Keep in mind that you might just be thirsty rather than really wanting an alcoholic drink
  • Don’t take drinks, drugs or food from strangers.  Similarly, do not leave your food or drinks unattended.  Any drinks, even soft drinks, can be spiked.

4.         Supervise your Stuff — Bring only what you need and plan to keep it safe.

  • Avoid bringing jewelry and valuables to music concerts and festivals.
  • Bring a sturdy backpack to keep any valuables, medications, water, extra layers, and non-perishable food (if permitted) with you.
  • Avoid carrying wallets in your back pocket — it’s easy to lose.
  • Don’t leave anything valuable in the car nor in your tent.
  • Keep some type of toilet paper or tissues as well as hand sanitizer with you since the bathrooms may be crowded and out of toilet paper.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects.

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