Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accident? The 8 “Steps” You Need to Know Now!

You just slipped and fell?  Or you tripped and fell?

Whether it was caused by poor lighting, uneven flooring, a slippery surface, concealed debris, or some other dangerous condition, make sure you are prepared and can protect your rights!

slip and fall

Here are the 8 steps you need to take immediately:

1.       Seek medical attention immediately if you are injured.

Do not delay treatment!  Call 911 and request emergency medical services and an ambulance.  As soon as emergency services arrive, explain the accident to the police and any injuries to EMS/Fire Rescue.

2.       Report the accident immediately to the manager, management company, landlord, homeowner, or other person in charge where the slip or trip and fall took place. 

Don’t discuss your feelings, just report the accident!  Obtain a copy of any accident reports completed by the manager, homeowner, or landlord, if possible.  They may not provide it to you– but it’s important to ask.

3.       Take photos.

If you are able to, take photos with a camera or your cell phone of the exact location.  Take pictures of any contributing factors to the fall (i.e.:  condition of sidewalk.) Take pictures of your injuries.   This information may be important to the investigative process if there is a dispute about the accident or your injuries.

4.       Take notes.

Take detailed notes of any dangerous conditions that caused the slip or trip and fall accident.  Include specifics about the size, color, shape, and location.  Note the date and time, as well as the clothing and shoes you were wearing.

5.       Obtain contact information of any witnesses.

Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any store employees or any individuals who witnessed your fall.  If you spoke to someone after the fall, get their contact information as well.   As a reminder for yourself, write down a physical description of the people that you dealt with in case you need to identify them at a later time.

6.       Remove any clothing or shoes involved in the fall and store in a secure location.  

Your clothing or shoes may be used as evidence for your case.

7.       Contact a reputable personal injury attorney immediately.

Once you have left the scene or the Emergency Room, contact Goldman and Daszkal, P.A. at (954) 428-9333 for a free consultation about your rights and obligations.

Because certain documents must be filed shortly after the incident, if you don’t contact an attorney soon after the accident, you may not get the opportunity to protect your rights and receive compensation for any injuries.

8.       Do not discuss details of your injuries.

While you do need to report the accident to the facility owner or manager, do not discuss your feelings or detailed information about your injuries with anyone other than the police, emergency medical services, and your attorney.  Giving facility owners or managers information about your case may give them the opportunity to lock you into a comment that ultimately benefits them.

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