Safer Roads, Safer Lives: National Work Zone Awareness

2015 National Work Zone Awareness Week

March 23-27, 2015


As highway construction gears up each spring throughout the country, several key organizations launch the National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) campaign to focus attention on work zone safety and to encourage safe driving through highway work zones and construction sites.  The purpose of the campaign is to encourage all drivers to use extra caution in work zones.

NWZAW is sponsored by federal, state and local transportation officials across the United States.  Grants are used to promote national public awareness of work zone safety to the general public, provide enhanced worker training, improve work zone design and planning, as well as increase law enforcement near these zones.

Originally, NWZAW began with a local event sponsored by the Virginia Department of Transportation.  The idea caught on and eventually became a national effort.  Since the creation of the national campaign in 2002, the number of work zone fatalities has dropped each year.

But there is still more work to be done.  In 2012, over 600 people died in highway work-zone crashes.  Vehicle accidents in work zones often occur when drivers speed through work zones and ignore the changing road zones.   In fact, one in three work zone accidents cited speeding as a factor.  Work zone accidents typically involve collisions of vehicles, speeding vehicles running into other vehicles or highway equipment, as well as drivers running off the road.

As construction starts, drivers need to be vigilant of workers and others traveling through work zones.  Laws are in effect that require drivers to slow down in these areas.   For more information on National Work Zone Awareness Week, visit


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