Medical Prosthesis Recall

As experienced injury attorneys, we represent people in Palm Beach and Broward County who have been injured due to faulty or defective medical prosthetic devices.

Medical Prosthesis Recall

A prosthesis, from the Greek word for “attachment,” is a medical device that replaces or enhances a damaged or missing body part. Medical technology allows people who have suffered traumatic injuries, who were born with congenital defects, or who endure illnesses such as arthritis, to find relief through prosthetic devices. They are intended to fulfill the function of the natural body part to the greatest extent possible. Many prosthetics succeed in greatly improving a patient’s quality of life. Faulty or defective prosthetic devices, once implanted in a patient, can cause substantial pain and discomfort, affecting a patient’s motion and ability to perform daily functions, and exposing patients to the risk of infection. People who have been injured by a faulty or defective medical prosthetic device may be entitled to recover damages. A medical prosthesis attorney of Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. can investigate your claim and help you pursue compensation.

Types of Prosthesis

Medical prosthesis probably began with a simple wooden leg. They have grown much more sophisticated since then, not only replacing missing or damaged limbs, but replacing joints and even organs. Some prosthesis are external or detachable, while others must be surgically implanted, in what can be highly invasive surgeries. Some replace whole joints, limbs, or organs, while others aid or enhance an organ’s functioning. Examples of medical prosthesis include:

  • Hearing aids, both as external aids and cochlear implants;
  • Dentures;
  • Artificial limbs;
  • Artificial knee joints;
  • Artificial hip joints;
  • Gastric bands;
  • Pacemakers; and
  • Artificial heart valves.

Products Liability for Faulty or Defective Prosthesis

Manufacturers of a product may be liable for damages caused if the product is inherently dangerous or has certain types of defects. A design defect occurs during the design and planning stages of the product, before it is actually assembled. A manufacturing defect occurs in a product that may have a sound design, when an error occurs during the assembly or manufacturing process that renders the product unsafe. A marketing defect occurs when a manufacturer or distributor of a product holds it out to consumers as suitable for an inappropriate and dangerous use. Any of these defects, when they constitute a danger to consumers, may make the manufacturer or distributor strictly liable for any injuries caused by the dangerous product condition.

Recalls of medical prosthetic devices occur when a flaw or defect is discovered that might pose a danger to patients. Device manufacturers may voluntarily recall their devices, or the government may compel them to do so. When these recalls affect products already on the market, it may require patients to have expensive, invasive surgery to replace the implanted device. Artificial hip joints have been the subject of several recalls in recent years.

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