Faulty Products Causing Injury

We live in a world of products. Nearly everything we do every day requires a product to be created, manufactured, and sold to us by someone. This includes the food we eat, the cars we drive, and the devices, machines, and appliances that feature in our lives.

Faulty Products Causing Injury

Mistakes sometimes happen in the design or the manufacturing of a product, which results in a faulty product making its way to the market and to us. Sometimes that defect causes injury to a person using the product. A Deerfield Beach faulty product injury lawyer can help you recover damages from whomever is responsible for the defect.

Faulty Products and Injuries

A fault or defect in a product can occur when the product is designed, such as errors in calculating how well a product can handle its intended job. Automobiles that cannot operate in certain circumstances or home appliances that do not function as they should are examples of a design defect. Another type of defect is a manufacturing defect, which occurs when the product is assembled and often involves poor workmanship or low-quality materials. This could include a bed frame that cannot support an adult’s weight because of substandard lumber or an electronic device that breaks down because of shoddy assembly.

Injuries due to faulty products range from minor, such as annoyance at a broken electronic device, to serious, such as illness from poorly-packaged food or injuries from poor design of a recreational vehicle. Some defects can result in death, where a product designed for use in some dangerous activity, which could be as common as driving a car, fails to provide ordinary protection to the person using the product.

Liability of Product Designer or Manufacturer

The law uses several theories in determining liability for injuries caused by a faulty product. The theory of negligence requires an injured person to prove that the defendant owed a duty of care but breached it, and that this breach caused direct injury to the person. The question in most cases is whether the injuries were a foreseeable result of the use of the product. If a person is using the product for its intended purpose, and the product somehow fails and causes injuries, this often supports a claim of negligence.

Sometimes courts impose a theory of strict liability for faulty products, meaning that the manufacturer is liable for damages caused by the defect whether the manufacturer was actually negligent or not. An injured person must still prove that the manufacturer did not follow a basic standard of care, and that the defect caused the injuries.

Our attorneys will research and evaluate the product and assess your injuries to determine the best way to go after the liable party. We will construct a plan specifically for your case that focuses on the particular features of the defective product and your individual needs.

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