Swimming Pool Accidents

Florida abounds with swimming pools in homes, public parks, and resorts. They offer recreation and fitness, but they also pose the danger of injury and drowning.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Poorly-maintained or poorly-supervised swimming pools can expose people to multiple risks, and determining who might be liable for injuries sustained in an accident can be difficult. A skilled Florida swimming pool accident attorney can assess your case and help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Swimming pool injuries

Many types of accidents and injuries can occur in and around swimming pools. Some injuries result from poor security around a pool, allowing children to enter without supervision. Other injuries may result because lifeguards or pool managers were negligent in maintaining pool safety. Swimmers can sustain injuries from diving or from cracked or broken surfaces in the bottom or side of a pool. Defective or improperly-maintained drains can cause severe and often gruesome injuries.

In the worst cases, a person may drown in a swimming pool accident, leading to a wrongful death claim. Even in cases where a person injured in a swimming pool does not drown, severe injuries can result. A person can suffer long-term or even permanent brain damage due to lack of oxygen after a seemingly short time underwater. Other disabling injuries such as concussions or broken bones may result as well.

Liability for swimming pool accidents

Determining who may be liable for a swimming pool injury can be difficult. Any time a person, organization, or business owes a duty to maintain a safe swimming environment or monitor the safety of swimmers and fails to meet that duty, the responsible party can be liable for negligence if an injury occurs. A plaintiff could make a claim for negligence against a lifeguard or pool manager if poor supervision of a pool area led to an injury. Improper maintenance of a pool area, such as failure to keep a diving board or other piece of equipment in good repair, could also give rise to a negligence claim.

Manufacturers or installers of parts or materials in a swimming pool could also be liable for damages under the theory of products liability if their materials are defective, poorly-designed, or poorly-installed. Defective pool drains, for example, can cause catastrophic injury to someone caught while it is draining. Poorly-installed pool materials can crack or come loose in the water and injure swimmers or divers. People injured because of such a defect may have a claim for damages.

Owners of property where a pool is located could be liable to people injured in the pool if the injury resulted from a dangerous condition in or near the pool. This could include a homeowner or a hotel or resort. Conditions could include unrepaired damages or poorly-maintained premises that cause people to slip and fall, or suffer an injury in the water. Property owners who fail to secure a pool, such as with a fence or gate, could be liable for injuries suffered by children, even if the children entered the pool without permission. This is often known as the “attractive nuisance” rule.

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