Fire House Insurance Claims

People who invite others into their home or onto their property have a responsibility to reasonably ensure that the property is safe, and that there are no significantly dangerous conditions that might cause injury. Property owners who neglect this responsibility are liable for injuries on their premises. Homeowner’s insurance offers coverage for property owners in case they find themselves responsible for someone’s damages. This insurance can also protect the property owner in the event that someone does harm to their property. As with other types of insurance, home insurance providers have developed a complex set of procedures to govern review and payment of claims. Our Florida injury attorneys have an extensive knowledge of insurance company policies and processes and can help you understand and navigate their systems.

Fire House Insurance Claims

Our team is skilled at reviewing available insurance coverage and determining the best way to present a claim. We will investigate and evaluate your damages, whether you have been injured due to a dangerous condition on someone’s property or you are an owner seeking compensation for theft or other harm to your property, and present a claim for your damages to the correct insurer. Most damage claims never see a courthouse, as the insurance companies and representatives of the injured parties find an agreeable settlement. If necessary, we will proceed to litigation against the responsible person.

Liability Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance, or renter’s insurance in some cases, combines several types of protection into a single insurance policy. Of greatest importance in the event of an accident or injury are the provisions relating to the owner’s liability coverage. The legal theory of premises liability holds a property owner responsible for injuries caused by dangerous conditions on the property. This could include injuries from property features ordinarily considered dangerous, like swimming pools or stairwells, or from less obvious hazards. Homeowner’s insurance often covers an owner up to a certain amount for the costs of damages owed to a person under a premises liability claim. Insurance may also cover injuries related to attacks by animals belonging to the property owner.

Property Coverage

Home or property owner’s insurance also provides protection for the owner against various types of damage to the property and any fixtures or improvements. Most policies cover damage from fire, theft, and certain types of weather damage. Specialized policies may cover damage due to extensive fire, flooding, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events. Specific parts of a house or building, such as a boiler or furnace, could also be insured. A property owner may claim on these types of insurance in the event of a crime or tort against their property, such as theft or arson. The insurer may be obligated to pay to repair damages whether or not the person responsible for the damages can be made to pay.

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