Car Insurance

Owning and operating a motor vehicle is expensive, with costs of gas and maintenance growing more and more. The potential liabilities of operating a vehicle can also become quite expensive, but car insurance offers a reasonably affordable way to manage those risks.

Car Insurance

Insurance can cover expenses associated with repairing a car after an accident, as well as for paying claims for damages, either from you or someone else, after an accident. Insurance companies have developed a wide range of rules and procedures for handling claims and managing policies, operating almost as its own legal system parallel to the court system. A Florida auto accident lawyer with knowledge of the major insurance companies can help you recover on your claim.

Coverage for Liability

Insurance policies are contracts between a driver and an insurance company, in which the insurance company agrees to take on some of the driver’s risk and pay certain claims and damages. This includes coverage for claims of liability against a driver found to be responsible for a car accident. Most states, including Florida, require drivers to maintain liability insurance for both bodily injury and property damage.

If damages from a car accident exceed a person’s policy limits, an injured party could still sue for the extra amount. The vast majority of claims arising from car accident injuries are settled with an insurance company, rather than through litigation. Insurance companies employ claims adjusters to review claims and make recommendations on settlement payments. Experienced personal injury attorneys know how to work with adjusters effectively.

Other Coverage

Automobile insurance also provides coverage of costs incurred by the insured driver. Damages caused by collisions are often covered, and some policies may cover non-collision damages. A policy may allow payment of damages for an accident where the other motorist lacks insurance and would otherwise be liable. Some policies offer personal injury protection, where an injured driver receives a payment from the driver’s own insurance company for injuries in an accident, independent of any claim against the other driver’s policy. Other provisions in policies might include the cost of towing the vehicle, damage to personal property in the vehicle, and payment of rental car fees during repairs to the vehicle.

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