National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

The weather is getting cooler in Florida and it’s beginning to feel like the holidays.  As we begin to think about family gatherings, football games, and gifts for the children, please take a few minutes to consider toy and gift safety before you head to the store or visit your favorite online retailer.  In the spirit of holiday safety, Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. is helping spread the word that December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

From thousands of toy-related injuries each year to millions of recalled toys, we all need to be vigilant with the toys we choose and allow our children to play with.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is leading the way to help make toys safe for our children.

In the last few years, they have created and enforced limits on toxic chemicals such as lead and phthalates in toys.  The CPSC is also requiring toy testing by third party, independent laboratories to help prevent dangerous toys from entering the United States.

As parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, we need to boost our own efforts to ensure the toys our loved ones play with are safe.  Here are some important tips for family members and friends with young children or for those shopping for gifts for children.

  1. Inspect all Toys Prior to Play

Inspect all toys to ensure they are appropriate for the child’s age, developmental stage and skill level.

  • Avoid giving children toys with ropes, chains, sharp edges, magnets, heating elements, or buttons that can easily be detached and swallowed.
  • Insist that children wear properly-fitted helmets and safety gear when riding on toys, skateboards, ripsticks, or skates.
  • Manage battery access, installation, and charging away from children. Follow the instructions and keep these away from children as they can cause burns.
  1. Avoid Choking Hazards

Young children explore the world by putting objects in their mouths.  Small toys or parts of toys can be a prime target for a young child’s curiosity.  Keep small toys and parts away to prevent choking.

  • After opening gifts, remove all plastic film and packaging and place in a garbage or recycling bin that children cannot access.
  • Deflated or broken balloons are a choking hazard for young children. Immediately throw away any deflated or broken balloons in a receptacle that children cannot access.
  • Some activity sets use high-powered magnets. These are particularly dangerous for children and should always be kept away.
  • Be cautious with toy jewelry and other painted toys that may contain lead. Check out the CPSC lead website for more information.
  1. Get Notified!

Sign up at the CPSC website to receive information on recalled toys.  Click here or go to

Once you’ve reviewed these safety tips, you’ll be ready to head out to the stores or log on to your computer and find the perfect, safe gifts.  But before you go, share these important tips with your family and friends using the links below.

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