“M” is for May, Memorial Day, and Motorcycle Safety

When you think of the month of May, you may think of Memorial Day, that special day set aside to commemorate our military who died during active duty.  But this May, after you think about those who bravely served our country, we also urge you to take some time to think about motorcycle safety.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month 

You probably know that motorcycles are less stable and less visible than passenger vehicles, but did you know that over 13% of all highway fatalities were motorcycle riders?  Yet motorcycles represent only 3% of all registered vehicles on the road![1]   Clearly, motorcycle riders are significantly overrepresented in vehicle accidents and fatalities.

Motorcycle Accidents

Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

With the beautiful, warm weather in Florida, motorcycles are especially appealing.  According to the most recent report available from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, motorcycle fatalities accounted for 15% of all highway fatalities in Florida in 2009, even higher than the national average of 13%.[2]  Also higher than the national average, alcohol use played a significant role in Florida motorcycle fatalities in 2009 (the most recent full report available), with 37% of motorcycle fatalities involving alcohol use.[3]  According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the 2014 national average for alcohol involvement in motorcycle traffic fatalities was 30%.

In addition to the numerous motorcycle fatalities each year in Florida and the rest of the country, thousands of motorcycle riders suffer serious injuries from motorcycle accidents.  Despite the fact that many riders are cautious on the road, they often suffer from accidents caused by other motorists.

Motorcycle riders who were injured in accidents caused by other drivers have the legal right to seek compensation to cover medical costs as well as other related expenses.  These legal claims require an in-depth understanding of personal injury and vehicle traffic safety.  If you have questions about a motorcycle accident, injury, and the law, the experienced personal injury law firm of Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. can answer them.

Motorcycle Accident Prevention

The Highway Patrol offers these few simple tips to help prevent motorcycle accidents:

  • Check traffic from right, left, rear and front before riding through an intersection
  • Keep the motorcycle in the left part of the lane before passing
  • Look ahead to avoid road hazards
  • Maintain a safe following distance

Drivers should also use caution and follow these suggestions:

  • Watch out for motorcyclists hidden by buildings or other vehicles, especially at intersections
  • Use mirrors and head checks when passing to ensure safe passing
  • Maintain a safe following distance

For more tips, check out this related article on Motorcycle Safety:  What You Need to Know Before Going Out on the Road

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