Distracted Driving: A Preventable Killer


Thousands of individuals in the United States have died needlessly as a result of distracted drivers, many of whom were using cell phones.  In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that at least one out of four crashes involves the use of a cell phone.

With the goal of preventing injuries and death caused by distracted driving, the National Safety Council (NSC) has designated the month of April as “Distracted Driving Awareness Month.”  The NSC states, “driving is a complex task that requires eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and the brain focused on the task of driving.  Drivers engaged in cell phone conversations, handheld or hands-free, are cognitively distracted and can fail to see up to 50 percent of their driving environment including stop signs, pedestrians and red lights.” (National Safety Council http://www.nsc.org)

We need to pay more attention to distracted driving.  We can impact the number of avoidable car accidents by following a few National Safety Council guidelines:

  1. Avoid using cell phones while driving
  2. Log on to www.nsc.org to learn how individuals are distracted in cell phone conversations
  3. Avoid hands-free devices (because research shows they are also unsafe to use when driving)

Cell phone -related vehicle accidents are a large problem.  But due to under-reporting, it is difficult to estimate the exact number of cell phone – caused accidents.   The NSC states that estimates may be under-reported because there is no simple way to know whether a cell phone was a primary factor in a vehicle accident and because drivers often fail to admit cell phone use.  Regardless, NSC and other national organizations recognize that cell phone activity plays a major role in vehicle accidents.

We want to help make driving safer.  Each of us can help by:

  1. Taking the pledge to drive cell free
  2. Telling others about the dangers of cell phone distraction while behind the wheel

​For more information on distracted driving, visit www.nsc.org

Hands free not risk free

Provided by The National Safety Council

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