Delray Beach Vehicle Accidents

If a negligent or reckless driver has injured you or someone you love in Delray Beach, contact the Delray Beach accident attorneys at Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. to pursue the recovery you may be entitled to. We have more than 20 years of experience fighting negligent drivers and their insurance companies in an effort to ensure that our injured clients are made whole, either through settlements or trial verdicts.

Florida Vehicle Accident Statistics

Injuries can result from negligent or reckless driving on the roads or on the water. According to the Florida Department of Health, traumatic injuries from motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Floridians aged 5-34. According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, in 2011 there were 742 reportable boat accidents, including 67 fatalities, statewide. Palm Beach County, where Delray Beach is located, was in the top ten Florida counties for boating accidents, with 87 of them. Injuries sustained in these boating accidents ranged from laceration, to shock, to spinal injury. One of the most common reasons an accident happens is driving under the influence (DUI). Drunk driving is a problem on both water and land in Delray Beach.

DUI Car Accidents

The legal limit for alcohol use when driving a car is a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08%. One irresponsible or reckless choice on the part of a driver can change the lives of many people, and cause serious injuries in a drunk driving accident. A victim of a drunk driver can be awarded damages that compensate them for medical expenses, permanent disability, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. In cases where a defendant displays an especially high degree of negligence or recklessness leading to a car accident, or an extreme failure to meet the standard of reasonable conduct that all drivers are subject to, the defendant may also have to pay punitive damages.

Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers can cause serious injuries among pedestrians and automobile drivers by virtue of the velocity and mass of their trucks. Sometimes they cause accidents because they are fatigued or driving under the influence. Every year, thousands are hurt or killed in truck accidents that result from truck driver negligence, or failure to exercise reasonable care when driving.

Litigating truck accident cases can be difficult, and it is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with these types of cases. When suing a big rig truck driver, experienced personal injury attorneys will seek evaluation of black boxes that measure certain driving parameters in order to reconstruct how an accident occurred. Your attorney should also investigate whether the company that hired the driver was aware of any prior accident history, and if the driver was trained to drive trucks. Any parties ultimately found liable may be responsible for your damages, including costs for medical treatment, missed work, and other amounts.

Boating Accidents

With four miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean, boating is a popular activity in Delray Beach. Unfortunately, many drivers of boats are not trained to boat safely, as there is no certification required for boat operation. Some drivers may drive at excessive speeds or drive while intoxicated, leading to boating accidents. As is the case for negligent car or truck drivers, those who drive boats unsafely may be liable for any damages that result from a crash or collision caused by their unsafe conduct. Because much of the evidence in boating accident cases can be subject to water damage or weather conditions, litigating these lawsuits can be difficult. It is therefore important to retain attorneys with experience in this area to ensure that you seek all recoverable amounts from the responsible parties.

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