The Boynton Beach nursing home negligence attorneys at Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. have worked hard for more than 20 years to seek the maximum compensation possible for each of their clients. Nursing home negligence cases can have many elements that are not obvious, therefore, it is important to retain an attorney with experience in this area of law if you know of or suspect misconduct on the part of a nursing home. We evaluate the facts and evidence thoroughly in every case to determine what the cause of injury or death was, which parties should be held liable, and what the best strategy will be for pursuing the damages you are entitled to.

Elderly Population and Injuries in Florida

In Boynton Beach, 17.8% of households are comprised of someone living alone who is 65 years of age or older. There are about 21 local nursing home facilities as well. Statewide, Florida had 3,273,940 people aged 65 years or older in 2010.

In 2009, the Florida Department of Health released a report with a surprising finding that falls were the main cause of death and injury to those who are 64 or older. The report stated that in 2007, 1,700 Floridians were fatally injured in a fall, and over 53,000 elderly Floridians required hospitalization and treatment. Common injuries from falls included traumatic brain injury and hip fractures. Falls affect all of us, with the most common fall-related injuries carrying a $2 billion price tag state-wide.

Nursing Home Neglect

Given the large proportion of elderly residents living in Florida, nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse are serious issues across the state. However, Florida is also one of the states with the strictest laws prohibiting mistreatment in nursing homes, giving residents many rights, and requiring they receive a high standard of care. Moreover, nursing homes that receive federal funds are held to higher standards.

Conduct constituting failure to provide reasonable care to a nursing home patient under Florida law can include impinging on the right to privacy, restricting access to health, social, legal, or other services, restricting rights of association, inadequate supervision, inadequate fluids, improper medical care, failure to assist with bathing, failure to provide adequate shelter, failure to protect from falling, and more. Signs of abuse or neglect can include bedsores, fractures, fall injuries, and malnutrition.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Generally, Florida premises liability standards require landowners and businesses to keep their property reasonably safe for guests, visitors and customers. Under state law, if an owner or manager knows or should know that there is a dangerous condition on the property, he or she must fix it as soon as possible to avoid liability for any injuries resulting from that condition. In Florida nursing homes this duty is heightened; the law requires those who operate those facilities to offer adequate supervision and assistive devices to prevent their residents from slip and falls. If a property owner or manager doesn’t fix the problem quickly and somebody is hurt, they may be liable for the hurt individual’s medical costs, lost wages, permanent disability, emotional suffering, and other costs.

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