Car Top Carriers for Summer Travel

Are you starting to think about vacation time and summer travel?

We are!

In this post, we are talking about traveling by car, truck, minivan or SUV. Let’s get started by thinking about optimal ways to travel safely with family members, friends, and lots of luggage.

Wondering how you can get everything in the vehicle?

If your car, truck, minivan or SUV has a factory roof rack or a luggage carrier, you can use many types of car top carrier bags to fit luggage or equipment that won’t fit in the vehicle. If your rack has crossbars, you can also use a roof basket or cargo box.

Car top carrier bags and boxes function as your second trunk – a great place to store bulky items when traveling. Also known as a rooftop cargo carrier or roof rack bag, these bags are intended to keep your extra luggage and equipment safe, dry and out of the way. Most bags and boxes are waterproof or weatherproof, and because they are on top of your vehicle, they won’t provide any distractions to the driver.

But, before you purchase a car top carrier bag, there are 10 fundamental safety tips that you need to know! Here is safety tip #1:

  1. Know the Limits: Whichever solution you plan to use, be sure to check your vehicle manual to understand the weight limits for these racks and for the vehicle itself. Typically, roof racks have weight limits ranging from 75 – 250 pounds. Exceeding the limit could cause damage to the vehicle as well as potential accidents.

For the rest of these safety tips for road trips, read this important post titled, “Smart Summer Travel: Cargo and Car Top Carrier Safety The 10 Safety Tips You Need to Know”, click here!

When you’re ready to select a car top carrier bag or box, be sure to think about the following features:

  • Size of car top carrier bag or box to properly fit car top
  • Amount of load capacity for vehicle and roof of vehicle (be sure to check owner’s manual)
  • Load capacity of cargo bag or box
  • Quality of waterproof or weatherproof materials and construction durability
  • Number of people required to properly install car top carrier bag or box (larger carriers often require two people for installation)
  • Secure fit on vehicle — If your vehicle doesn’t have bars, talk to a professional to install bars on which the rooftop cargo bag or box can be secured.

Although not truly a safety issue, when selecting a roof box design, consider the shape, aerodynamics, and style. Wind noise can be loud and can increase resistance and affect fuel economy. Newer models are typically shaped in curved, aerodynamic shapes. Look for a product with a strong warranty.

Now, you’re ready for the other key safety tips! Click here so you can follow the most important safety tips before getting out on the road!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer with plenty of time for fun, relaxation, and time together.

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